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I was born in London England on November 19, 1988. The weather was so cold that snow fell upon the rooftops of London. I lived in there until I was six, attending school for 2 years. Then my parents decided to move to Ireland. My family and I lived in a very rural village. We lived at the foot of a mountain called The Nephin Beg, which stood at 3,528 ft. Life there was very idealistic. Although we did not live on a farm we were surrounded by farmland, I soon got into the role of a farmer I had 18 rabbits, and an uncountable number of chickens and ducks. I had quiet a good business going. School was very different, there was only sixty children attended in total and four in my class. We were made to speak Gaelic most of the time. I have happy memories of life there; Lake Fishing and Golf with my father were special and many times humorous. We had to chase sheep off of most fairways before we could hit a ball. But it did not just rain everyday, it poured or as the Irish say it lashed down, so sunny Florida was a welcomed change. I arrived here in 7th grade, I loved it, I could play soccer every day, swim and of course the beautiful girls. I joined a soccer team, which was a great way to make friends and as luck would have it most of them played with me during my high school years. I attend St. Joan of Arc Catholic School for the seventh and eight grade. I enjoyed it but it didn't compare to what lay ahead in high school. There was so many sports to chose from I didn't know what to do with myself. I played American football as a freshman and captained the JV team to a winning session, but still my heart lay in the beautiful game of soccer. I tried out and made varsity as a freshman, I was overjoyed. Ever since then our team has won districts every year. I am now the Captain of the team and I am enjoying every moment of it.



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