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Food for Thought

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Food for Thought

It's obvious in today's society that the food children eat affect their bodies, but diet also heavily affects a child's mood, motivation, and mental performance. Eating the "right"

food can help a child's concentration, motivation, magnify memory, speed up reaction times, and even defuse stress levels. The health of a child's brain not only depends on

how much fat they eat but what kind it is. It's been proven that intellectual performance

requires omega-3 fatty acids, most commonly found in fish. While children tend to

consume to much fat overall, many children fail to consume enough omega-3.

Studies show that eating a healthy diet, by following the Canadian food guide will

significantly boost a child's mental alertness. Children also require a good start off to their school day, by feeding a child a "brainy" breakfast can improve a child's performance in school by perking up the brain. Breakfast eaters are more likely to achieve higher grades, pay closer attention, participate more in class discussions, and manage more complex academic problems than breakfast skippers, therefore encouraging a child to eat a healthy morning meal can drastically improve academic performance.

Since children regularly skip breakfast in the morning, the ideal school would offer a "breakfast club" every morning to ensure that all children have the opportunity to eat a healthy meal before starting their day. In addition to a breakfast club, the ideal school would offer healthy recess snacks. By offering these alternatives to children it allows them to

Food can also indirectly help a child's development process in the consideration of a positive attitude in their surrounding environment.

An ideal school, would help promote these healthy eating habits by delivering tasty health-wise snacks to students at recesses.



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