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Flowers for Algernon: Simple Summary

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Flowers for Algernon Comparison

A Simple Summary on the Book, After the main charactwers experiment, and about what happened after.

Before Charly's intelligence was increased, people treated him less than a human being. His so-called friends would pull pranks on him, teases him, and embarrass him just for a good laugh. Charly never realized they were doing bad things to him, he just thought they were his friends and they liked him for who he was. Even though he was not treated with the respect he deserved, Charly knew and showed he did have a lot of dignity.

We know Charly has dignity because he keeps his apartment neat and clean, and he has good hygiene. He also treats others with respect and has good manners. In the movie we can see that his apartment is very empty, but of what little Charly has, he tries his best to keep his home clean and kept. The movie also shows Charly as a well mannered, well kept man. He has his clean clothes on with his hair nicely combed back. His manners are shown by just the way he talks. He doesn't try to be mean in anyway. He tries his hardest to be as kind and polite as he possibly can.

In the movie, after his operation, Charly realizes just how much he is in love with Ms. Kinnian. He starts re recognize her beauty and her great personality. They soon fall in love, and become engaged. I the book, they never mention how they fall in love.



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