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Financial Aid Paper

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To fulfill my goals in life, it is necessary for me to obtain an education after high school. Due to limited personal and family income, I will not be able to provide the necessary finances. I would greatly appreciate your consideration for financial aid. I am the oldest of three children, all of whom want to attend college. I would gratefully accept any form of financial assistance available to me.

I have worked diligently to maintain good grades throughout my elementary and high school years. I completed three years in the advanced diploma curriculum; I also participated in the gifted education program until removed in ninth grade due to limited funding for the program. These accomplishments prove the dedication I have and will show to this college.

Aviation is an extremely demanding field; there is much competition for these highly coveted jobs. I have done much to prepare myself for this profession. Though there is a limited potential for aviation opportunities in this area, I have shadowed several individuals whose jobs are in the field. I am currently in D.E.P. status with the United States Navy. I was placed in an air traffic control program to gain experience to become a pilot. This program will create many more opportunities for not only job shadowing, but also for the ever valuable "on the job training." I have always been able to think extremely well on my feet and under pressure. These traits will help me in my daily actions on the job.

I have done much to prepare myself for this career. I know my efforts will not be in vain. Thank you very much for taking the time to consider me for assistance with my goals. I look forward to attending your institution and to continuing hard work and preparation for my purpose. I thank you for your time and effort and am grateful to be considered for any aid you can give.



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