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Fifty Shades of Grey

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Essay Preview: Fifty Shades of Grey

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A Movie Review of “FIFTY SHADES OF GREY”

By Hannah Meziah C. Domingo

Fifty Shades of Grey the movie was known to be one of the most awaited because it encourages viewers to accept its persuasive impact after the good manifestation of the actors who worked together. The movie wanted to reveal that existence of deviation for it introduces Christian Grey, an honorable man having an attitude of controlling each lives surrounding him including Anastasia- the most recognized woman in the story who Grey wanted to be submissive.

All started when Anastasia “Ana” Steele, a literature college student, give hand to her ill friend Kate Kavanagh in interviewing the twenty-seven-year-old billionaire business man Christian Grey. Ana encounters an attractive, brilliant, and an overflowing with confidence man as she looks to Grey and discovered herself wanting him. Despite of his mysterious information, she finds herself desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s independent spirit and glamour, Christian Grey declares he wants her too but on his personal standings. Grey is consumed by the need to control everything. Ana paused as she tasted the remarkable flavor of Grey for she is seeking a romance and not a sadomasochist relationship.

The pornography of possessions is definitely alive and well in the production. They upgrade Ana into a fuller, more interesting character worthy of her complex and fascinating scenario. From her innocent and naïve roll in the first part she turned darker as the story goes by. The twist in her character made audience be anticipated with her role on how the inexperience Anastasia will react as she will see the Red Room of Pain- an area where Christian Grey take all her stuffs for sadist erotic intercourse and how will she take the pleasure with the pain. But in the end part she still showed the image of being a strong woman. Despite of her affection to Grey she still managed to leave because she knew that in the first place women must be treated with gentleness and respect.

Billionaire Bachelor Christian Grey likes to dominate in every aspect of his life. And he wants Ana to be equally subservient. His character wanted to reveal the true identity of men. They always think of taking control of everything, men always like to tell women what to wear, who to see, or how to eat. And if a girl resists, she'll be punished. He takes this strong charisma after controlling Ana even in a short period time. Though Ana is inexperienced as he is arrogant, they connect instantly. But he's controlling and she's resistant. They both have characters that differ which made the end part of the story heartbreaking. Grey became unique as have an attitude differ from others, he has this dark side but still honored by others.



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