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Essay Preview: Federalists

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The establishment of a stronger central government with weaker state governments is needed in America. Alexander Hamilton stated, "The present Confederation is insufficient to preserve the existence of the Union." The plan of government under the Articles of Confederation could not effectively protect individual liberties because it could not directly act upon the people, and had no authority to enforce its laws. By giving the central government more power, the proposed plan of the Constitution is far superior to the old plan.

A republican form of government provides the closest solution for factions without eliminating liberty. Because there are more people and land under the republican form of government than democratic government, there is a greater variety of parties and interests. It is less probable that a faction will become a majority of the population. As James Madison asserted, "The influence of factious leaders may kindle a flame within their particular states but will be unable to spread a general conflagration through the other States."

To provide for the common defense, the central government should be given as much power as necessary to maintain standing armies, provide for a national militia, and levy direct taxes to support its common defense. The confederation failed to provide for the common defense because the responsibility fell upon the central government, but the states could refuse to participate. The Constitution calls for a united American military. Because the Constitution asserts that the representatives of the people determine the central government's authority, the central government will not be able to abuse its military power.

The proposed plan of government will also improve commerce and the wealth of the nation by letting Congress regulate trade. Under the Articles of Confederation, the states had control over taxation and commerce. States could easily illicitly trade and smuggle goods among themselves, undermining the national revenue. Under the Constitution, European nations will be forced to follow uniform trade regulations enforced by a single navy and will start to negotiate for more mutually beneficial trade. As the wealth of the nation and the national revenue increase, taxes will likely be reduced.

Replacing the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution is essential for the welfare of America.



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