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Fast-Food Nation - a Response to Eric Schlosser

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Essay Preview: Fast-Food Nation - a Response to Eric Schlosser

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A Response to Eric Schlosser

What could be the food which people in the world have eaten at least once? The Answer to this question could be a Ѓgfast-foodЃh; moreover, McDonaldЃfs. It is easier to find Mc DonaldЃfs than finding the final destination when you are traveling.

In his essay ЃgGlobal Realization,Ѓh Eric Schlosser demonstrates that the fast-food industries have power to control people in the globe like no others. Schlosser examines several impacts that arise from fast-food industries. In the beginning, he indicates that globalization reaches to the forgotten city like Plauen, Germany, with the most recent appearance of McDonaldЃfs. Secondly, he states that fast-food chains take root in various places throughout the world; moreover, McDonaldЃfs targets kids to choose their food. Thirdly, Schlosser implies that Las Vegas, the city seems to symbolize the world, as the similar example of the growth of McDonaldЃfs. He argues that Las Vegas Ѓghas little connection to its surrounding landscape, that it cares little about its own pastЃh (235). Fourthly, Schlosser insists that the influence of Americanization brings a terrible health problem such as the obesity to everywhere in the globe due to the expansion of fast-food chains. Furthermore, he supports the climate of the public opinion against McDonaldЃfs being in foreign countries by supporting the court case battle started by London Greenpeace member Morris and Steel. Finally, he shows that under circumstances between ЃgJobs for Germans, Not ForeignersЃh (251), and a high unemployment rate, McDonaldЃfs is the most tidy and nice place in Plauen. He remains neutral about people who prefer Americanization. Schlosser concludes that it is certain that McDonaldЃfs is attaining its goal,Ѓhglobal realizationЃh (229) by conquering many countries in the nations, and he warns us the danger of McDonalization across the globe. Although SchlosserЃfs points appear to be valid and relevant, his argument ultimately fails due to lack of evidence, excessive emotional appeal, and one-sided view.

Schlosser raises some credible points that I can relate to my experience. I agree that ЃgMcDonaldЃfs did exploit children thorough its advertisingЃh (247). Often times their advertisement was broadcasted with kids TV programs; therefore, as a kid, I saw McDonaldЃfs commercial message over and over



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