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Fashion in the 1970's

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Essay Preview: Fashion in the 1970's

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What new clothes were introduced during the 70s that you can think of? This is a list of all the clothing styles that were popular during the seventies.

'Wet Look' Boots

usually black but sometimes white these were stretchy pull up could even buy a wet look sock and slip it int a wetlook shoe....2 for the price of one!

2-tone Hats

A baseball cap with two different colors on it, in a particular pattern.


It was a slit in the front of a skirt in the shape of a capital A. They were most commonly worn by conservatives who weren't comfortable with showing a little leg. I have denim A-Hem skirt hanging up in my closet right now!

A-Smile Jeans

Way before Brooke Shields made it popular to show off your butt in jeans, A. Smile Jeans were THE JEANS that gave any butt a good shape. There slogan had a donkey at the end, it said, Put A, Smile On Your (ASS) These jeans were the original Stove Pipe jeans, about 12 inches wide all the way down. The other cool thing about them were the flap pockets that went straight down right at the belt line and only about 4 fingers wide and 3 inches deep. There was no sewn outline to the pocket, they were hanging on the inside of the pants with just a rectangular flap (with the bottom coming more to a point)sewn on to cover the opening. There hasn't been a better fitting jean made since.

Action Photoshirts

Very itchy polyester shirts that had a photographic scene imprinted(not decaled)into the fabric. Popular scenes were hang-gliders,hot air balloons and "KOOL" sailboats. Summer of 76.

Adidas Shorts

Very short shorts with the famous Adidas 3 striped lines on each side with the emblem on the lower left short leg..mostly for men into track.

Adidas Sneakers

The original running shoe had a thin sole and the three white stripes diagonally on the sides. Usually in navy blue. Unisex.

Afghan Coats

afghan coats was popular with the rockers in the 70's



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