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Famous Americans - Jim Morrison

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The Famous Americans

Jim Morrison

James Douglas Morrison, better known as Jim Morrison was best known for being the singer of the famous rock band "The Doors". He was also a poet, writer and film maker.

He was born 1943 in Florida, USA. He grew up in Irish American family. Ever since he was young, he was interested in poetry and literature. When he got older, he moved to California to begin studies at University of California in Los Angeles. He studied movie art and literature. There he met some friends who were musicians, and had same interests like him. They were planing to form a band, but they didn't have any singer yet. Jim read one of his poems to Ray Manzarek, his best friend. Ray liked it from the first word. The songs written by Jim were mystical and strange. He mostly wrote songs about love, sex and problems in society. Jim also worshiped death in many songs.

1965 Jim quit at University and formed with his friends the famous band called The Doors. The name of the band was inspired by the book "The Doors of Perception" written by Aldous Huxley.

Jim didn't like publicity, at least not yet. He wasn't really interested in rock music, even if "The Doors" mostly played rock. He more preferred Blues, and liked to perform in the clubs in the Los Angeles area. There was a club called "Whiskey a go go". That was The Doors' most known performance. After that performance, "The Doors" got their record contract.

1967, when The Doors recorded their first album, they became rich and famous, thanks to Jim's unique style. He had a beautiful voice, and he often did sensual movements on the stage when The Doors performed. Soon he became the sex symbol of sixties. He also suddenly started liking publicity, and was more than happy to give interviews. But there was one thing he didn't want to talk about - his family. When journalists asked him about his family, he said he didn't have any, because he was ashamed of his father. His father was a navy officer. Jim said often in public that he was against American intervening in the Vietnam war, and since his father was there, he didn't want to mention his family on the interviews.

Jim was not only known for his singing, but also for his rebellion attitude.



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