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Facts on Corporate Governance

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Essay Preview: Facts on Corporate Governance

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How do we fix recent corporate governance breakdowns?

Cross Currents Fall 2005 - IT Excellence Governance

The pervasive nature of IT as a business enabler obscures some harsh realities about IT performance. Contrary to conventional wisdom, technology- driven increases in productivity have been meager relative to total expenditures. Lackluster IT performance is manifested in failed or aborted projects, missed deadlines, budget overruns, and poor returns on investment (ROI). Increasingly, these indications of low IT effectiveness are shining a spotlight on the need for IT governance as a vehicle for bolstering performance. (pdf, 463K)

EU 8th Directive Governance Goes Global (CrossCurrents Financial Services Magazine)

With the proposed EU 8th Directive, the effort to improve governance and protect investors takes on a global dimension. The EU 8th Directive: Governance Goes Global, details the provisions of this proposal and asserts that it will provide a basis for cooperation between regulators around the world. (pdf, 961K)

Improving Governance: How are Boards Doing (CrossCurrents Financial Services Magazine)

Bob Stein, Ernst & Young's chairman of Global Financial Services, and Dan Oakley, director of thought leadership, spoke separately with Dennis Chookaszian and John W. Rogers, Jr. to ask them their views on the progress boards of directors have made in improving governance. Here are some highlights of the views expressed in these conversations. (pdf, 69K)

State of the Financial Services Industry Report 2005

The financial services industry continued to come under regulatory scrutiny in 2004, casting a cloud over a year that saw improved financial results in the insurance and asset management sectors, and continued profitability in the banking industry. Ernst & Young's annual state of the industry report reviews the performance of each sector and assesses the challenges ahead. (pdf, 1,994K)

Managing Financial Risk: A Checklist for Board Members

Boards of directors play a crucial role in corporate governance, especially the oversight area. Still, they may not always be sufficiently aware of the intricacies of transactions to voice an informed opinion as to their appropriateness. An article by E&Y provides boards with some guidelines and a checklist to help them develop a better understanding of what is expected from them in order to achieve proper governance and oversight of a company's financial risk. (pdf, 154K)

Tax Risk Management The Evolving Role of Tax Directors

With credibility issues at the forefront, and a heightened focus on corporate governance, the challenges facing today's tax director have expanded. Tax risk management is a top priority, according to Tax Risk Management: The



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