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Factors That Impact Talent Management

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Essay Preview: Factors That Impact Talent Management

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Taj Hotels

Factors that impact talent Management

Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture is considered to be an important factor because it has substantial effect on whether any talent management activities will succeed or not. The Taj group of Hotels has  always  been  able  to  create  an  extra-ordinary  organizational  culture.  They  have  set  an example in the industry, they are operating in. The organization considers its employee as their greatest asset. Employees are the main reason for their survival of this industry. Therefore they have adopted various practices to keep them happy and involve.

Organizational   culture   plays   an   important   role   in   determining   the   social   and psychological environment of a workplace and its employees. The group has always strove hard to standardize all its processes so as to achieve the “Taj Standards”. The Taj Hotels realize the importance of practices  such as  “Talent Management” and focusing on  retaining more of its employees  by  ensuring  that  all  their  needs  are  taken  care  of.  Thus,  the  Taj  Group’s  unique organizational  culture  and  practices  have  always  been  praised.  To  show  its  commitment  and belief in employees, they have created Taj People Philosophy or TPP, which is, covering all the  people  practices  followed  by the organization.  TPP  was  developed  after  aligning the  aims and goals with TATA BUSINESS EXCELLENCE MODEL (TBEM).

The 3 major areas of this philosophy are:

  Working system and learning processes

  Training and development

   Employee welfare and growth

Training and development

This could be one of the crucial factors that affect talent management in the organization, because Taj group provides intensive training of 2 years to its employees at the time of joining. For those 2 years, the employee is not sure about the job security, because their policy states that the employee will be fired at any point of time during the training period if their job or progress is not found to be satisfactory.



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