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Exploring Socail Issues in once upon a Time

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Essay Preview: Exploring Socail Issues in once upon a Time

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Taking the driver's defense class believe or not really helped me a lot. I learned a lot of stuff that I didn't know about and a cleared up on some things that I did know about. The class was actually kind of interesting. Before I went in I actually thought that this was going to be very boring and I was already sleepy so I knew that I was going to be tired. But the instructor did a good job of making the class very interesting. The time went by pretty fast.

During this time I learned quite a few things, one being the four R's to avoiding a head-on crash which are Read, Right, Reduce, and Ride. These are highly beneficial when an accident is about to present itself. Also when scanning for hazards, you should look ahead, behind and next to your vehicle. Also the DDC Collision Prevention Formula involves three steps with those being the following: Recognize, Understand, and Act.

Also, we were able to watch a video tape of Princess Diana and her car crash. They broke down the way she died and if she would have been wearing her seatbelt she would have been living here until today. They said the force was so strong that it plunged her into the seat in front of her which caused extreme internal damage and left her to die. After watching the tape and watching the experts break down how she would have lived if she would have been wearing her seatbelt gave me more motivation as to wearing mine.

However one of the things that stuck to me the most was seeing those newspaper ads of people who lost their lives in accidents were they were breaking some form of the law. Whether that was speeding or running stop lights. All of these aided to their death and not wearing their seatbelt didn't help the situation much either.



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