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Exit Anti-Semitism. Enter Anti-Islam?

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Essay Preview: Exit Anti-Semitism. Enter Anti-Islam?

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Exit anti-Semitism. Enter anti-Islam?

This global issue concerning the editorial cartoons has made think really hard about one question, what were those illustrators thinking? Especially now, when many parts of the world have been experiencing terrorist activity and the growing notion of anti-Islam quietly being placed in the center of attention. Why would these people publish such hurtful drawings? According to my knowledge, Islam is the fastest growing religion to date. Its not a coincidence that many countries populated mostly by Muslims will reactive negatively with these drawings. Therefore to answer the second question, "Am I surprised about the current situation?" No, not at all. If I had known prior to the demonstrations that these cartoons were actually published, I would have forecasted that not just a couple of people would be offended but instead entire nations. When a person is offended or humiliated, and it is reported in the media only a certain amount of people will be angered, however, when a Religious figure such as Prophet Muhammad is depicted in a satirical manner, you are not angering a hundred people but pissing off millions. These cartoons can be almost be compared to the propaganda posters of World War Two, which alienated people of Jewish faith. By allowing the publishing of these illustrations, some can argue, promotes the same hatred that the Nazis held against the Jews. I realized that the creators of these cartoons have apologized for their actions, however it was they who should have analyzed all possible repercussions that these cartoons would have. And if they had done so, Danish flags would not have been burned, buildings wouldn't have been ransacked and some people would still be living . I do not know how this issue will die down or if it ever will, but for one thing that I am sure of, if it ever happens again we will experience a greater divide within this world than any other period in history. In the end, these events make me wonder why we allow such material against sensitive issues be published to cause more harm than intended. And its like they say, It's not the intent it's the impact.



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