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Essay Preview: Exaltation

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Bombs rain down so my people are always on the run

You don't got to be a lingistic to understand the native tongue

Its blood shed, blood drips through there eyes

It hurts so bad as helpless familys must separate with babes left to die

They hold in there anguished and are aroused by anger

But they got no authority to turn to no civilized mayor

There pleas go unheard swept into the sands

Intelligence is prevent because it's the gun that makes the man

The jihadist view floods there system

The history books read propaganda to portrait them as the victims

The lies then mold into hatred sorrow

This hopelessness helps me predict bombs will drop tomorrow

But it is in these helpless walls surrounded by water in which I find peace

Subjected to bloodshed and death and proclaimed the middle east

ITS EXALTATION my god of salvation I fill the rhythm its filed with jubilation

They ask how I find peace at uncivilized times

Its because people are still handcuffed for illagidament crimes

Patriot act is a plot to throw down my culture

Who's here to pick up the shattered bones of fallen heroes its only the vultures

Gandi told us before he pleaded and pleaded

He knew the muslim hindi wars would leave us deplected

A accident waiting to happen, a atomic bomb away

That's what the mass majority considers I stay

But contrary to there statements I feel fine

Content with the fact I know the countrys mine

On a forever quest to achieve are peace

But its impossible if more Americans



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