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Ethics in Corrections

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Ethics in Corrections

The Colorado Department of Corrections has very explicated rules on not having personal relationships with inmates. They can be found on the internet at Colorado Department of Corrections web site They can also be found at the Colorado Corrections Department of Personnel 4CCR801 Personnel Board Rules and Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures Chapter 6 R-6-9, States the Department of Corrections prohibits correctional officers from having sexual relation with inmates. This is even taught at the department of corrections training academy. The one thing the department of corrections did not teach the female correctional officer is some of the male inmates are (Real Studs). Some of these men have been working out with weights for years. They will build their bodies with huge mussels, and are very good looking men. These men have also learned to be very good con men. They could sweet talk most women out of anything.

There was a new correctional officer Janelle Jackson, (not her real name), Janelle is a very pretty woman. Janelle was taught the code of conduct for a correctional officer, and knew them well. These regulations can even be found on the internet, and was taught at the training academy.

Janelle fell for a supper smooth talking, mussel bound inmate stud. Janelle had a sexual relationship with an inmate. This became known from an investigation started by Jimmy Jones (not his real name), Correctional Officer 11 (Sergeant), and Colorado Department of Corrections.

Jones worked in the segregation unit, and had to read all in coming mail. One letter had some wording that Jones had heard spoken by some one he know before. After thinking for many

days about who he had heard say these words, it came to light, that he had heard them from Janelle Jackson.

Janelle was sending the inmate money to be put on his books. She also sent pictures of cars, houses, and people, but was very careful to make sure that there was not a picture of her. The way some of the talk in the letters went Jones put it all together that gave evidence this was Janelle. One letter talked about how Janelle had hurt her arm. Another talked about a base ball game. This could not have been any base ball game because of the way the game was played, and the ending. This was a base ball game played by the Correctional Facility and the County Sheriffs Department. One letter tied it all together. This was when Janelle said she had a twin sister. Janelle did have a twin sister and she also worked at the same correctional facility as a correctional officer.

Janelle was using an allies name in the letters and in the mailing address. The letters were mailed from Colorado Springs with a return address at post office box. Jones made sure that he read every letter that Janelle sent and after two months, he finely had enough proof to take to his captain. The captain started an investigation through the department.

Janelle was taken to a hearing board and presented with the evidence. Janelle did not deny the charges. Janelle was made special due to her being female (this was what many of the other correctional officers thought). The out come of the hearing showed this. Janelle was given the opportunity to resign. If this was a male officer that had done this unethical thing he would have had criminal charges brought against



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