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Ethical Relativism

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Annotated Bibliography

Bartlett, Dean. "Management and Business Ethics: a Critique and Integration of Ethical Decision-Making Models." British Journal of Management 14.3 (2003): 223-235.

This article researches and identifies the gap between the theory and practice of business ethics. The author identifies the lack of practice of ethical decision making within the organization and provides what he believes to be one solution to bring ethics back into the business process.

Brown, Neil M., and Nancy K. Kubasek. "The Seductive Danger of Craft Ethics for Business Organizations." Review of Business 17.2 (1995): 23-29.

This article focuses on business ethics as the process for constructing business behavior. It also defines the practice of craft ethics in business today as a form of relativism and the dangers of it.

Collier, Jane. "Theorizing the ethical organization." Business Ethics Quarterly 8.4 (1998): 621-654.

This article defines an organizational framework to help us understand organizational ethics. It uses the ethical theories of Alasdair Mcintyre and Jurgen Habermas to provide two different views of the organization and its ethical choices. The article provides a parallel between Mcintyre's views of moral ethics and those of Habermas'.

Hitlin, Steven, and Jane Allyn Piliavin. "Values: Reviving a Dormant Concept." Annual Review of Sociology 30.1 (2004): 359-393.

The article examines values as related to sociology. It defines what values are, where values come from, and there relevance in society today.

Latar, Apolonio. "Moral Relativism Refuted." <>.

This article refutes many arguments that would say that moral relativism is right. It also gives reasons why there must be moral absolutes.

Mayer, Don. "Community, business ethics, and global capitalism." American Business Law Journal 38.2 (2001): 215-261.

In this article the ethics of an organization are not easily defined as to fall into one category of research but are more related to the culture which with the organization is located or associated with.

Rawwas, Mohammed Y., and Hans R. Isakson. "Ethics of Tomorrow's Business



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