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Erikson Stage of Developmant

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* Stage 1: My mother fed me consistently throughout the day. I was fed at the same times daily. I learned how to blindly trust my mother for providing milk. I learned how to trust my environment in general and developed a secure attachment toward my parents.

* Stage 2: While I was learning how to walk, my parents left me alone to explore how to walk by myself. I would hold onto the edges of the walls to help support me up. My parents encouraged my use of initiative and reassured me when I fell down. I developed the confidence needed to cope with future situations that required choice, control, or independence.

* Stage 3: I had an imaginary friend named Billy at this age. I never felt shame when using my imagination or talking to my imaginary friend. However, I learned that I should not always do what Billy did. For example, if Billy threw away a penny, I knew that I should not do the same. This taught me the ability to accept what was happening without guilt and that there are certain things that are wrong to do.

* Stage 4: Through attending school, I learned the necessity to be productive and do my own work. I learned to make things, use tools, and acquire skills to be a worker and a potential provider. I participated in a wide variety of events throughout the day including academics, group activities and friends. Due to these activities I developed a sense of competence.

* Stage 5: Currently, I decide what to buy with my own money and who to be friends with. I put a little distance between myself and my parents in attempt to establish my own identity. I question whether I have trust, independence, competence and a feel of control in my life through these two actions. Due to this stage I have developed a strong identity and a ready plan for the future.

* Stage 6: I believe that I will develop a love relationship. I will no longer fear a committed relationship or a feeling of losing myself. I will no longer feel the need to prove myself to my boyfriend rather it will be a matter of two independent people wanting to create something larger than themselves. If I achieve this stage I will feel a sense of love that will carry through the rest of my life.

* Stage 7: I plan on becoming a parent during this stage. My main interest will be in guiding the next generation or my children. I will have a job which will support my children. In addition, I will help teach my children what is right



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