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Era of Evolution Timeline

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Era of Evolution Timeline

1760 Industrial Revolution

A change was made in the manufacturing

process. Americans first started to use machines for labor.

Business is better today because we can top the other countries

because of our money by sources. Other countries can do the same work and

labor for much less than what it would cost if we did so here in

America. Technology has also increased greatly,

so that thousands of products can be manufactured at a time.

1887 The Entrepreneurial Era

The idea was made that the governments would not

Interfere with the economy. People were encouraged to

Join to “free market” economy. ( Which still continues today)

Entrepreneurs still attempt to run their business without too much

interference from the government. Nowadays, banks were made

separate from Europe.

1900 The Production Era

Henry Ford came out with the first line of cars.

Business started to use the scientific method

to help determine how to handle different situations.

Businesses today frequently look for ways to make

production more efficient, particularly in office and medical work.

1940 The Marketing Era

In this era, the tactic of marketing made people

aim to satisfy the wants and needs of a customer.

By doing this, they began to create a profit, nowadays this

is what drives a market.

Today, businesses use commercials, ads, and other techniques

to get their products out there. Also, because of this era, businesses

spend millions of dollars on advertisements today.

1980 The Global Era

In this era, an increase In communication was

made, and then created international trade, and

moving the capital around.

This made a path for many practices that businesses use

today, such



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