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Essay Preview: Epidemiology

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I agree with the author because descriptive epidemiology helps in identifying health problems that exist in a certain population. It provides detailed information about a person; for instance, it describes the ethnicity and gender of a patient. Besides, it gives an idea of where an outbreak occurs, as well as the likely victims. In essence, the author emphasizes that the study deals with people, their location and the disease outbreaks that may occur. Indeed, the author also considers a crucial factor in the study, which is time. Fundamentally, when explaining a disease outbreak, it is essential to consider the time it happens, as well as the time required to get over it. In this case, a majority of the people avoids the affected areas, and those at risk take precautions.    

I also agree with the author because while dealing with descriptive epidemiology, it is essential to consider the age of the affected population. The part of the study that is usually controlled is the age. Some age groups are at a higher risk of health issues, and this exposes them to a risk of contracting diseases. Thus, the information about the patient helps in planning and giving instructions on the prevention measures of contracting such diseases.  The geographic distribution of the disease is also necessary for the study because according to Merrill (2017), when traveling, people are aware of the places with outbreaks thus, take vaccinations if needed.

Ultimately, I agree with the author since he describes the field as one that seeks to analyze a disease based on a person, time and place.  The process is done through data collection, and in the process, the health status of a population is well understood.


Merrill, R, M. (2017).  Introduction to epidemiology (7th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones &Bartlett




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