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Enterprise-Level Business Systems

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Enterprise-Level Business Systems

PeopleSoft is the second largest enterprise in the world. They started in the mid-1980. PeopleSoft developed their first human resource application then. This application for users allowed them to access their data in real-time instead of from mainframes. With this technology they grew in leaps and bounds. After they made this application available on the Internet they made their application with a pure Internet architecture. This means that they did not have code on the client, and they had a power HTML. This also allowed for low development costs for the client. There was not any installs or maintenance of the software with it being a real-time application online. PeopleSoft has proven to be a very stable and profitable package. This package includes Enterprise Resource Management, and Customer Relationship Management systems. These systems will be discussed throughout this paper including Manufacturing Resource Planning.

First of all, PeopleSoft and most companies do not use Manufacturing Resource Planning much more, but it is still a good system that is still used today. This system is an inventory control system that has been well developed. It also has logistic planning tools. These tools include financial analysis, reporting, sales force automation, tracking, and materials planning.

All these tools have been integrated into a package to help marketing and sales departments. This package was designed to control cash flow, arrange for purchasing materials, and manage inventory. Just as this system helps companies keep track of materials management, our company has software called MAC MAIL. This software that our company uses handles our purchases within the company. Certain employees have logins to purchase materials or products. Most all the equipment that is ordered is computer related since we are a communication company. This system provides an employee to track their order from the time it is submitted to the time it is delivered. By having this capability it prevents the stress of tracking a package or product down. Manufacturing Resource Planning has proven to be a very good system in that it provides control over the day-to-day inventory within a company. With this system companies have saved time and money when they have used this system.

In addition to MRP there is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a system that allows companies to have an application that works corporate wide. It is not departmentalized. By using Enterprise Resource Planning you not only cut the barrier between departments with many different applications, but also you are able to have all of your data consolidated into one database. Having this capability to do that prevents many headaches throughout the company. I can say from experience that finding data across a very large network is very difficult when you have the amount of data that my company has at this time. So with Enterprise Resource Planning a company does and will cut down on time and money when this system is utilized.

The last system that has been utilized by many companies is the Customer Relationship Management system. This system has been well proven with PeopleSoft. This



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