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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Through Customer Centricity

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Essay Preview: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Through Customer Centricity

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Enhancing customer satisfaction through customer centricity

 We have to many teams in Telkom BVS dealing with the same matters, e.g.) BVS Commercial + BVS Corp, Telkom systems, Dereg systems.

 It will therefore be possible for each team to take accountability for their portion and ensure that customer centricity is their main value. Currently it is not possible to provide 100% customer centricity given the volumes, the different tasks.

 A customer liaison team must be established to interact with customer providing them with feedback from application to validation to p.i.s , Thereby freeing up the rest of the staff to focus on core work.

 We should be orientated on Customer centricity + target driven i.s.o only target driven.

 Ownership - Each staff member must be held accountable for each case under their responsibility.

Joint Planning

 Telkom Commercial / Technical/NIP/Networks teams must meet weekly /monthly to iron out issues relating to installations and accountability to resolve similar to the RCFC meetings.

 Customer Centricity must be allowed to develop in both Commercial & Technical - a customer centric mindset must be adopted by all teams.

Customer Retention /Churn Management

 All dismantlements must be handled by a specific team trained to retain customers and offer solutions or downgrades i.s.o total dismantlement.

 Staff must constantly receive refresher training or courses to constantly provide artful listening and to understand the customer.

 Call centres /front office must have experienced well trained staff as they are the window of the company.

Improving Billing system

 The system should be proactive i.s.o reactive resolving matters upfront whilst processing is taking lace.

Quality Standards

 This should tie hand in hand with the yearly performance appraisals

 The work should be balanced evenly amongst all staff

One Entry Point

 A customer Liaison team must be put in place to liaise with the Customer from Order processing to P.i.s

Prioritise Operations

 All managers /Ops managers must be held accountable to make their teams profitable in terms of Rands and cents similar to the profitability o model of the CSB- relating rent , wages ,products etc..

 Customer Liaison, order processing, installation and billing. Should be the prioritised.

Streamlining of Orders

 We need to simplify our operations by reducing the Production teams to about 2 teams per region for Deregs and Telkom. The production teams should handle only production matters - issuing orders nothing else, No buckets, No follow ups. The dispute teams must handle all related disputes, The bucket team must attend to all follow up

Products and services

 Staff



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