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Yeah.Throughout this novel (Mice and Man), Steinbeck uses a lot of symbols. He uses light as symbol of hope and friendship in the novel. Sometimes he has light, surrounded by darkness. Light is also a symbol of peace and friendship. Light is used as a symbol in many world religions. Heaven is symbolized by light. When people die, they see "the light in the end of the tunnel". As a contrast to the light, there is violence. In this novel there is a lot of violence. Light and dark, is another contrast to this novel.

In this novel, Steinbeck uses a lot of symbolism. Light is one of the symbols he uses the most. The book, Mice and Man, is pretty violent. People at the ranch hate each other. Steinbeck makes only three pares, that work out at some point. Curley and his wife, they might have had some happiness as they were married. George and Lennie stayed best friends until the end of the novel. Candy and his dog were together, until the death of the dog. George and Lennie have a dream. That dream is to have their own little piece of land. Also Lennie really wants to tend the rabbits. They keep their dream as a secret, they have never told anybody about it, until Slim and other new people, steped in George and Lennie's life. (pg number, where they share the secret witth slim) And so on. Step by step, the dream gets to Slim, Candy, then to Crooks, and then to Curley's wife. George and Lennie get to know some people's dreams also. Every body has a dream, something, which keeps the person living. People try to get their dream. It's like a little fire in their souls, keeping them warm, in a cold and violent world.



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