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Engl1001 Assignment 1 Diagnostic Essay

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Essay Preview: Engl1001 Assignment 1 Diagnostic Essay

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ENGL 1001


Diagnostic Essay Topic

Write a brief essay of no less than 490 words and no more than 500 words on the central characteristics that, in your view, contribute to a successful or satisfying story. Use any or all of the Module 1 stories as examples to illustrate your ideas. You may, if you wish, refer to other short stories you’re familiar with, but be sure to use at least one story from the required readings. You’re free to borrow or adapt any of the ideas introduced in Module 1, or you may introduce your own. You’re entirely free to select the story features you want to write about.

We frequently read books and develop accurate perceptions and apprehend ideals out of them. Afterward, a reader may be subjected to discussing the topic of the books they have just read or have to recommend to others the books that they have found important. It is fascinating to find that a person gets a book to be so meaningful to the extent that they use it as a reference or a guide in their life. What I understand in explaining this scenario is that books enlighten and teach readers the necessary things they need to do, to enjoy or to identify with in their lives. It is not, however, true to say that people will love all books. What makes a book lovable is a good story that carries a special implication more often the central characters like the theme and plot. An excellent and engaging book, therefore, incorporates various features of literature writing such as a well-defined plot, clear theme, and proper characterization. Features of plot and theme should be indispensable for a story to be termed good and they need to be harmonized well to create a lovely reading experience.

A plot that is tightly knit is a vital element of a good story. Where major characters inhabit an exciting and believable situation, it leaves readers thinking. If not for such an instance, they will not read the story; however, if they happen to read it, they will show hostility towards the work of the author. Moreover, a good story needs to take us through a conflict of a character all through to a resolution. This may expand the viewpoints of readers via an indirect experience. “The Yellow Wallpaper,” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, for instance, describes the emotional illness of the main character. What is encouraging despite the character being mad at the end is that it stirs up the mind of the reader providing an indirect experience and encouraging families that may be in a similar situation.



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