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Energy Conservation

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We are going to need to be looking for a new form of energy pretty soon because we are using up all of our fossil fuels way to fast and it will become way to expensive to be able to use them pretty soon. People won't be able to drive or work on big equipment. We won't have heat or pretty much any sort of energy for that matter no lights or nothing. They figure we will run out of fossil fuels in the year 2040 and by then they are hoping that we will have a new and better form of energy. So kids like us need to start thinking a bought our future and try to figure out a new was to store and make energy.

My idea was a wrist band that takes the energy from your movements of the body and transfers it into energy that you can use to run stuff and create heat. How this wrist band is going to work is you have to get a chip put in your arm so it can connect from your body to the wrist band. Once it is connected to your arm it will be able to take some of the wasted energy that is left over when you move your arm and any other part of the body. When the wrist band is full it will have a plug in the back of the wrist band and you will plug it into a special generator that will take energy and store it there until you can take it out and put it into a special storage tank that will be hooked up to your house so you can use it to power your entire house and car. Pretty much anything that you want to run by it you can transfer if from your house holding area and put it into the item that you want to generate by it. You will have to buy a band for 5000 dollars and it will work for how long that you want to use it for. The appliances will have adapters for the wrist band generator and for other kinds of fuels that will be found in the future. As we get further advanced we will be able to make the bands take more energy and waist less and less until we find a better source of fuel for the future. The energy in a car will be able to get 100 miles per gallon of the energy witch will be produced into a liquid by the generator and it will last even longer in house home appliances because it will use very little energy. It will travel threw tubs in the walls of a house kind of like how electricity flows now.

That is how I would make something if I needed to create an object that takes energy and makes it into a liquid that you can use for a lot of different things.



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