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Enemy of the State

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Raymond Townsend

Enemy Of The State

Enemy of the state is a movie directed by Tony Scott and written by David Marconi starring Will Smith as Robert Clayton Dean about a top confident partner in a law firm in Washington D.C. that pursues a key member of a local mob and in the mix, Dean finds himself deeper than he could ever imagine. A video surveillance tape of a congressman being murdered winds up in the hands of an innocent former classmate of Dean’s from college and starts a game of cat and mouse for the whereabouts of the tape. Dean runs into a former classmate of his in a lingerie shop when his friend sneaks the tape into Dean’s bag and takes off to a swift death under heavy foot and air pursuit of the NSA. Dean is found by the NSA to have the tape and unbeknownst to him he is baffled why hackers sabotaging everything about him are targeting his life. The NSA sets up Dean until he cooperates and gives them their tape back. Dean loses his job over a scandal with another woman, his credit is wiped out, and his marriage falls apart. He is on the run for his life and does not know where to turn. He meets an old friend of his former mistress named “Brill” played by Gene Hackman, who in turn is a former NSA employee and is a loner, rough around the edges, self-sufficient and knowledgeable veteran of the “system”. Brill schools Dean on the technology being used by the government and the NSA to spy on everyone on earth by satellite and wireless technology. Cameras are everywhere and Dean cannot escape without the help of Brill. Brill devises a plan with the help of Dean to foil the plan of the NSA to retrieve the tape and to expose what really happened to the murdered congressman. Through many chases and stunts in buildings and hotels, Brill and Dean close in on making a deal with the NSA to give the tape back. Dean arranges a meeting with the NSA and the mob boss that he was working a case against. The mob boss wanted a video tape from Dean that had illegal activity that would incriminate him with the courts. Dean double-crossed both the mob boss and the NSA with what they thought was the same tape that each other wanted. Something goes wrong and a shootout ensues killing the mob boss and the NSA chairman while



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