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Emt - Trauma Patients

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Trauma patients

I am currently taking a EMT course through Copper Mountain College. We have had to study

trauma and medical cases. I would like to share with you in detail some of the cases that we have

studied first ill introduce you to some of the assessments that have to be done before we begin.

For a trauma patients especially one whose injuries are serious-time must not be wasted at the

scene. This patient needs to get to a hospital as quickly as possible. On the other hand, enough

time must be spent at the scene to assess the patient adequately and give proper emergency care.

A trauma case can range anywhere from a broken bone to death. Traumatic injuries are the result

of an outside forces acting on the body. Falls, vehicle collisions, and violence are just a few causes

of trauma. It all depends on the mechanism of injury, meaning what caused the accident.

My first trauma patient is a male patient, he has stopped at an ATM machine near his house.

Rushing to make a committee meting, he didn't notice the man watching him from a short distance

away. As soon as he gets his cash, the man dashes in and attempts to grab it. The man who well

call Rick, briefly resist and receives a stab wound in the abdomen.

On arrival of the emt they see a man lying on the ground in a pool of blood near his abdomen

and back. with a few of his guts purtruding from his abdomen this looks serious. Blood is

everywhere and his skin looks as if it had been stretched and pulled till it tore. The skin is blue and

red, very swollen and bruised. Rick is screaming for help. As best as possible the emt bandages the

wound and loads him up for transport. On the way to the hospital Rick stops breathing. Turning

blue and white at the mouth the emt tries CPR. After regaining his breathing they continue to the

hospital. A week later Rick recovers fully.

The next type of patients are medical patients. An example of this would be a case like, one

afternoon, an elderly man whose stomach hurts, calls 911. There is no apparent mechanism of

injury. This man just appears ill so as far as we can tell he could just have the flu. We as emts

would assess him to find out more information the proceed to the hospital.




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