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Employee Motivation

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In order to communicate with foreigners, to find your way on abroad, we have to use and speak English. In the very young age we are tought how to speak and communicate through English, especially that most of our subjects were written in English. But it is reasonable to say that not all of us struggles with these subjects considering that English language is not our primary language.

Most people tend to believe that a certain person is intelligent since he or she talked so well and fluently in English. Yes, some of them are intelligent but English is not only the basis of intelligence.


1. Employee motivation

In this case, there is a big possibility that the employees can commit unethical business behavior. If the top manangement sets example for their employees, by doing business morally and ethically then the employees will less likely engage in fraud or other unethical business behavior.


*High motivation level

*Employees are less likely engage in fraud or other unethical business behavior.

*Employees are motivated to follow the standard operating procedures implemented by the company


* it is likely takes a lot of time to influence the employees, because of the recent scandal caused by Madoff

2. Demand regular audits


*Audits would help reveal if there is anomaly on their financials and it will also prevent further losses to the organizations.

*It increases protection for investors against fraud, or other unethical cases such as fraud.

*It monitors funding activities and the flow in the financial reports of the company


* it will pressure the manangement to disclose financial possitions or accounts in the public



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