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Employee Empowerment

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In order to stay competitive organizations often go through many changes that affect employees at all levels. When an organization is in need of these types of changes, it is important that the organization find out how the changes will affect every employee. The best way for the organization to get a complete assessment of the affects of these changes is to hire an outside firm that specializes in helping company's asses' current policies and procedures and then helps the company create new policies and procedures that will work to everyone's benefit.

Making changes has to start from the top of a company's organizational chart and continue all the way to the entry-level employee. Preparing for these changes can be a challenge. A project leader must be assigned to help start the process. The project leader will start with the essential tools and techniques to help each employee become enlightened on how these procedures will enrich their work ethics and production. A good step to utilize would be to put in place a change management procedure, as well as applying these procedures to each new project. It is important that all changes that are put into effect start with the executives and continue to the entry-level employee. You must also make sure the employees understand how the change will affect everyone's competency. Organizational changes is the way of the new millennium because without change you will be left behind and another organization will gain that much more business.

The pace of change of companies is accelerating. Decisions need to be reached more rapidly. Often, the "higher ups" who once made all-important decisions are not available quickly enough or have insufficient time and information to make the required decisions. These changes in the structure of business decision making make it imperative that employees know how to make good decisions and, more important, that management be confident that all employees will make the right decisions when called on to decide. (Greenfield, W. M. 2004)

"Allowing employees to make decisions increases their job satisfaction and sense of responsibility and translates into improvements in the quality and timeliness with which duties are performed, freeing management for more significant matters". (Marshall, Talbott & Bukovinsky 2006) Preparing each employee on how to make effective decisions and utilize the new tools and techniques will enrich productivity. Learning from past mistakes and moving forward will also help individuals and groups move to a higher level of thinking. One simple way to enhance a simple created tool is changing communication skills. Each employee will benefit by learning better communication skills. Communication is essential to leadership and better job performance. If an employee must take the responsibility of group leadership, they must be prepared to communicate the guidelines for the project to the rest of the group. If they are able to communicate effectively the projects end result will be to every body's satisfaction. Another good decision-making benefit tool or technique would be to have a good strategy in place to help creative minds recommend a good idea to complete a project. Teaching an individual or group to think outside of the box is important so that they can offer strategies that are more effective and input on how to complete a project. This will help the organization move forward productively. Some employees are a little apprehensive with change and this is why its advised that the company have an outside company come in and explain the importance of commitment to the changes and to help the employees understand that by changing revenues will increase and this in turn will help the company offer added benefits for their employees.

Decision-making can be successful with any project. The employee must always remember to be open and clear as to what the project is. The employee must help others to see their vision and understand better how to complete the project. It is important to give positive feedback when working with other people. This will ensure that they are open to working with you and will help keep tensions in the group at a minimum. These techniques will help the employee set their standards high so that everyone will benefit. It is important for the employee to remember that they are trying to accomplish one main goal and that is to complete the project with the highest standards.

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