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Emperor Qin

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Emperor Qin was the first emperor in china, he ruled from 221 bc to 210 bc. He joined together, the six waring states, after 500 years of war. He unified China with his highly trained army and with his violent personality. After he unified china he changed the currency, he widened the roads, simplified the writing and created the universal stamp of china to bring the country together as a whole. Was Qin really a strong leader?:

Emperor Qin was first the king of the state of Qin, he became king at the age of 13. Later after he took over and controlled China, he became the first emperor of China and was know as Qin Shi Huang Di. He was a violent but smart person and thats how he conquered China. He had so many palalces that he could not

Emperor Qin came to power after his mom tried to murder him with the help but the murder was unsuccessful, he used his would be murderers as a living example of who would be punished and he hung their heads up. Qin was really angry and he said he wanted to take over China and stop the war and make the first peace in 500 years. The news quickly spread out and people who wanted to be in the army joined, most people in the armies where farm boys and they joined the army because they wanted to get the riches that they will receive if they survive all the fighting so as there army became larger they started to attack the other states of china and finally he beat all the states, that was how he rose to power.

Qin ruled for 11 years China for eleven but he started ruling the Qin state when he was thirteen.

Qin was really scared of death and was obsessed with immortality but when his alchemist did not find a way for making him live forever he started building the terra-cotta warriors to come with him to the afterlife to protect him. The terra-cotta warriors where life size clay soldiers and each of them where unique each of them had their own heights and their heights determined the place they had in the army, they where painted with different colors. The terra-cotta warriors where discovered by farmers in 1974 when they where digging a well. They thought they would find only a few but instead they found thousands. Currently they have found three pits of terra-cotta warriors and are estimated to have found over 8,000 soldiers,130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, there where also people that where not from the military like musicians and acrobats.

Qin not only built the terra-cotta warriors but also started the building of the great wall of china.



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