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Elvis Presley

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"Well a hard headed woman" Elvis Presley sang into the mike as he wildly strummed his guitar. Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8th,,1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. His parents, Vernon and Gladys were poor farmers who had strong religious backgrounds. They raised Elvis in Tupelo where he learned how to sing and developed his guitar playing skills. Elvis did not have many friends growing up as a kid. His best friend was his guitar, which he picked up at age 11.

When Elvis turned 13, his parents moved him to Memphis, Tennessee, where he attended Humes High School until 1953. Music was not Elvis's first job. During his teens he worked as an usher and a truck driver. Elvis was driving down the road in his truck one day when he saw a sign that said RECORD MUSIC-FOUR SONGS FOR TWO DOLLARS. Elvis decided that he should see where he could take this opportunity. He went into the studio and recorded two songs for his mother. Elvis enjoyed recording and singing and began to send his tapes to managers. One manager, Colonel Tom Parker, enjoyed the sound of Elvis's voice and decided to take on the young singer. Elvis kept recording and recording and sending and sending until finally he recorded two hits, "That's All Right Mama" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky." A sensation was born. In 1956 Elvis recorded "Heartbreak Hotel", his first number one hit. The hits began to come in the dozens. "Hound dog", "Don't Be Cruel", and "Blue Suede Shoes were to follow. Elvis was on the road to becoming a superstar.

In March of 1958, Elvis embarked on the road to becoming a soldier. Yes, Elvis in the army. Girls mourned and cried over Elvis leaving for basic training. Swarms of fans followed him down to his boat where they waved and blew kisses to him until the boat was out of sight. They mourned for weeks that they hound dog heartthrob was gone, but not for good. Elvis came back just as popular as he was when he left. Record deals and hits on the charts. Were on the way. Elvis was a very talented musician. But did you know he could act too?

Producers thought that they needed to have an Elvis Presley film that girls and boys across America would



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