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El Lago De Nicaragua the Lake of Nicaragua

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Essay Preview: El Lago De Nicaragua the Lake of Nicaragua

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Lameish Isaac

SPA 101 SL2 Elementry Spanish 1

El Lago de Nicaragua the Lake of Nicaragua

        Lake Nicaragua is one of the largest lakes in Central America that is a Spanish lake that is known for its freshwater. Lake Nicaragua is a beautiful lake that has beautiful waters. The (Sweet Sea) got his name from Cocibolca which is a Spanish name. The people from Granada call it Lake Granada and it is nowadays generally known as Lake Nicaragua. the lake has a surface of 8,264 km that is located in the southern part of the country. The lake has an oval shape and is uncontained. (admin )

        Its believe that Lake Nicaragua and the Lake Managua both originally toke part of an ocean bay that has resulted in a volcanic eruption that, became an island that contains the two lakes that are linked to Tipitapa River. Lake Nicaragua is the only freshwater lake containing oceanic animal life, including sharks, swordfish, and tarpon.(Wikipedia )

        Over 40 Lake drain into this Lake in which Lake Tipotapa is one. The San Juan River drain outside of the Lake that fallow a 112-mile course that runs from the southeastern shore of the lake through a densely forested region to empty into the Caribean sea. San Juan forms a boundary between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Southwest of the lake separated from the Pacific Ocean.( Wikipedia )

        Popular countries believed that the Lake is tideless, and has a daily fluctuation in the water level caused from the east winds that blow from San Juan valley. The Lake waterfalls during the dry season, but during December to April the lake rises in the rainy season of May to October. Over 400 island lived on this lake which 300 of them is located near the city of Granada on the west side shore.

In conclusion, Nicaragua lake is the place to visit with your family.(Britannica )

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