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Effects of News Media

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Essay Preview: Effects of News Media

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Effects of News Media

Mallory Woodward

February 13th, 2016


Allyson Wells

Media plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Whether it is in the form of social media, news media or information media, it somehow impacts us all every day. Due to the advances in technology and Internet, obtaining information and news has never been easier. While information and news are beneficial to the public, they sometimes can easily influence their viewers.

Information media definitely has social responsibility. Most people often depend on these styles of media for natural disasters/weather, crime, politics and news.  Inaccurate reports by news media can cause the public to think it is true. This can lead to many problems like people calling public people to adjust or avert things that aren’t actually happening.  Because of this, it is important that the information media is responsible for what is reported and how it is reported.  Biased information needs to be known that it is biased.  I also feel as if contributors and reporters should list the credentials of the information they report. Media today is often presented as opinion rather than fact.  Information media is not what it is supposed to be. The “news” is whatever gets them the most ratings and money.  Mass media can easily influence the publics’ opinion. Facts should be reported and people should make up their own minds, not have someone do it for them. It is important for the media to report on the important issues that can also impact the future.  Many people are completely oblivious to what is going on around them, because the media is too busy reporting “protesters” and how they are tearing apart their own cities.  Makes sense right?  Media has important responsibilities to provide society with credible, unprejudiced and well-adjusted news and information while respecting the privacy of national security issues.  People in the media industry need to be more conscious of the large responsibility they have. Their role is to give the public information regarding current events and how it will affect the people.

Media has a great impact on people and their political opinions. During the 2016 presidential election, more and more people were demanding more and more information on the running candidates. The media most definitely helped with shaping peoples political opinions. Even though the media is sometimes negative and biased, people still listen to it. People hear what they want to hear, and the media allows them to do just that. The media also influences what is “important” in an election showing the public what they believe is important. Media also impacts how the public views the candidates. While the media does try very hard to keep us in the loop, sometimes there are times when their reporting’s untrue or biased. For many people information and news media was used when making the final decision for our next president.



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