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Edgar Allen Poe

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He is best known for his poems and short fiction, Edgar Allan Poe, born in Boston, Jan. 19, 1809, died Oct. 7, 1849 in Baltimore, deserves more credit than any other writer for the transformation of the short story from anecdote to art. He virtually created the detective story and perfected the psychological thriller. He also produced some of the most influential literary criticism of his time -- important theoretical statements on poetry and the short story -- and has had a worldwide influence on literature. Poe's parents were David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins, were touring actors; both died before he was 3 years old, and he was taken into the home of John Allan, a prosperous merchant in Richmond, Va., and baptized Edgar Allan Poe. His childhood was uneventful, although he studied (1815-20) for 5 years in England.

In 1826 he entered the University of Virginia but stayed for only a year. Although a good student, he ran up large gambling debts that Allan refused to pay. Allan prevented his return to the university and broke off Poe's engagement to Sarah Elmira Royster, his Richmond sweetheart. Lacking any means of support, Poe enlisted in the army. He had, however, already written and printed (at his own expense) his first book, Tamerlane and Other Poems (1827), verses written in the manner of Byron.

The biography educated me in his life and his works he has written Edgar Allen Poe writes horror stories, melancholy poems that have major impacts on large poets, detective stories which he called the tale of ratiocination or logic, and the finale type of writing was the finest critical mind in his generation.

In every persons life there are important events and experiences that people write about. This author also has important events and experiences. Like normal people we do not create tales or short stories or even poems about them and get them published but Poe does. Most of his events and experiences are in a book called The Raven!! It mostly states his events but in a story style so people know his events and at the same time read interesting horror stories. He writes about his childhood times and some adult times that may be fimliar to yours.

While I researched about this man I realized that he had an uncommon way of stories and imagination. Such as when he stated in one of his pieces that he killed his cat because he loved it so close to his heart. I mean I have read many horror stories but no like



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