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Say not to drugs.

We have a lot of choices to make. Some choices that we make will determine the future of our lives. In my opinion one of these choices could be whether to use drugs or not. People should not use illegal drugs because, drug usage could be the cause of failing relationship with friends and family, the loss of a job and can also be hazardous to your health. The right choice is not to take the drugs.

Different people take drugs for different reasons. Some people take them out of boredom, while others take them to dull emotional pain or physical pain. Today a lot of kids start using drugs because they think it's cool. They want to show off in front of their peers. It all starts with usage of light drugs such as marijuana, then kids who have physical predisposition to addiction might start using heavier drugs, such as cocaine, mushrooms, amphetamines, crystal met and heroine. They become addicted and cannot stop.

Drugs might be hazardous to your health; they can become very addictive and also can cause damage to eternal organs. Drugs might cause death because of the overdose or continuous usage of heavy drugs such as heroine or crystal met. Once you become addicted to a heavy drug you will not be able to stop using it. Drug addicts become slaves of the drugs. Most of the drug addicts would do anything to order to get to drugs. The other health risk of a drug usage is a spread of diseases. People who shoot heroine sometimes share needles that can cause of transmission of many diseases such as, HIV, Hepatitis C. These diseases can be themselves cause of death. The cure to these diseases has not been found yet.


Because of usage of illegal drugs you may become distant with your friends and family. That happens because your family and your friends will stop to be your priority. Your priority as a drug addict is to feed your addiction, get more drugs and get high. Illegal drugs can cause changes in behavior and personality. Your friends and your family will start seeing you as a different person. You might lose respect of your friends, and you will not be able to identify yourself with them. You might forget about scheduled meeting with your friends, or you might come to see them while you under influence of the drug. These kinds of things might alienate you from your friends.



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