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Drugs Addiction

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I could tell by looking at the room that a drug addict lived there. The windows were

covered with dirty black comforters and newspaper to make sure no light would enter the room.

The room was so dark I could barley see were I was walking. The only light in the room was

from the crack in the wall near the far left window. Another way I could tell a drug addict lived

in the room were the burnt bongs, crack pipes, sniffing straws, and needles lying on the broken

down desk in the middle of the room. There were pieces of cocaine, marijuana seeds, and crack

lying on the floor and on the edge of the bed. There were burger rapers, old french fries, and a 7-

Eleven cup that had been used as an ash tray by the head board. The walls had black burnt marks

and dirt stains from pipes and dirty hand prints where people had pulled themselves up with. The

covering on the bed looked like it hadn't ever been washed, and the head board barley stand on. The

mattress had so many burnt marks from the ashes of the drug I couldn't keep count. The room

also smelled like it had been closed up for weeks with no fresh air being able to enter. The smell

of the marijuana, cocaine, and old food was over whelming. There were also dirty close in the

closet that smelled like musk and marijuana. It was so obvious that a drug addict lived here and

the up keep of his room was the least of his concern.



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