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Dress Codes

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It is in the middle of summer and very hot and humid. You are in complete uniform, wearing the long wool pants with the shirt, tie and sweater. Your whole body is uncontrollably sweating. Instead of paying attention in class, you wipe yourself down every second.

Uniforms are uncomfortable, cause distractions and are expensive. They serve no purpose in getting the proper knowledge that one is in school to earn. One that is not comfortable, may not concentrate in class. He/she will move around their seat impatiently trying to get comfortable. Uniforms always cause problems in the summer and winter. The girls complain about wearing short dresses in the winter, arguing that it gets too cold to have their bare legs showing outside in the freezing weather conditions. The boys complain about wearing the hot long pants in the summer.

I attended a school that required a uniform. I wear boxers longer than the girls' skirts. Although my values were strongly set on education, my mind wondered, trying to get a glimpse of a girl bending over. Some girls deny it, they wear their dresses too short. This causes a distraction. The guys will not pay attention in class, instead they will stare at the short dresses. This causes the boys to do work at a lower level. The schools should make a rule on the skirt lengths and enforce it with severe punishments such as detentions, suspensions, and expulsions. This rule should make the lengths below the knees.

Most uniforms are very expensive. The whole uniform may cost about $250.00. This is expensive for a normal family. Since some schools require uniforms, the family is forced to buy the uniform. This puts the family back financially. This might force the family to live on bread and water due to the fact that they have spent all the food money on ties dressshoes and dress pants.

How can uniforms change the way people act? They can not. No matter what the opposing argument may be, it can not be logically correct. We are living in an age of free rights and choices. No one should make us wear any uniform if the reason to wear them is to "improve our education."

I believe that there should not be any dress codes in any school. It is common sense that people tend to learn more when they are relaxed and conformable. A school is not a circus, we should not be dressed like clowns for someone's amusement.



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