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Drainage Cleaning to Prevent Flooding

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Essay Preview: Drainage Cleaning to Prevent Flooding

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Junior High School

Research Introduction on CAPSTONE Initiatives

De Torres, Krissha Anne

Dimayuga, Samantha Emmanuelle

Marasigan, Laurence Gabriel

Sales, Kate Ysavelle

Tinio, Jose Raphael

BM 205

October 11, 2018

       “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”, this

was quoted by Abraham Lincoln and in relation to this, after a thorough

evaluation of the remarks of Pinagkawitan’s Barangay Councilor, it was evident

that the community needs awareness in problems that they are facing today, in

order to achieve viable development and environmental cleanliness. The

drainage system is an efficient guide to the water flow because it collects,

transports and dispose water properly, which lessens the possibility of a flood

occurring. However, the improper waste management practice of residents,

greatly impacts the drainage system of the barangay. As a result, the natural flow

of water is affected, making it more likely for residents to experience lethal floods.

The prospect of a big flood can bring about various consequences, such as the

destruction of crops for farmers, the possible chance of residents catching

leptospirosis, dengue or malaria, which is often fatal. Moreover, a foul smell

circulates around the community, which can cause vomiting and nausea. Due to

this, people will be more prone to waterborne diseases and other illnesses. Thus,

eliminating the capability of the environment to support the community in

sustainable ways. Pinagkawitan is located in Luzon. It is part of the Province of

Batangas of CALABARZON and has a population of over 7,667 residents with

 almost 1,492 families, all of which are afflicted with the issue of their drainage

system. Pinagkawitan is also one of the 72 barangay’s that make up Lipa City. It

is situated along the National Highway Road and within its vicinity are

subdivisions, commercial residential and townhouses. As a whole, it is known for

 its milling operations which is one of the main source of income of the

community. On the other hand, they are able to implement their ideas with the

 help of donations from the government. Out of 1,492 households, only 1,050 of

those has access to clean and safe water, while those with satisfactory garbage

disposal only ranges from 900-1,000 families. These figures represent the

hardships that the residents of Pinagkawitan experiences on an everyday basis.

An article published in 2009 by WowBatangas: Ang Official Website ng

Batangueno, tackled the work that the City Engineer’s Office (CEO) of Batangas

has been doing for the past few years. Mr. Adela Hernandez, one of its

members, conducts a regular cleaning of drainage systems in Batangas, together

with the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). However, this does not prove to be

 sufficient in other parts of Batangas, particularly in Pinagkawitan, because it

remains to be one the biggest problems of the community. People who

irresponsibly dump their trashes anywhere without consideration, continue to be

a major contributor to the destruction of said drainage systems. Nonetheless, the

barangay officials can shed light to this topic by inviting speakers from various

government agencies like the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department

of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), to administer a seminar that will

inform the people of the possible long-term effects of a defective drainage

system. In addition, the barangay officials should also take into account the

structure of their drainage systems. Expanding its size will be helpful during rainy

seasons as more volume of water can be contained, thus reducing the probability

of floods. If the officials comply with the suggested solutions, it can bring about

an orderly and a more environmental-friendly community, molding reliable and



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