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Based on the assigned scenario or simulation, answer the following questions: What are some possible solutions to the scenario? What are your assumptions and constraints? Can you let them go? What are some best case solutions?

Even though our CEO is a major problem our end state goal is for our company to thrive in all situations. Getting our CEO on board with us is just part of getting to our end state goal. I weighted employee morale and getting a new web designer on board as our top priorities. These are important for our company to move forward. We can not thrive in all situations if our company is not up and running and if our employees are not on board. Our next big goal is to get our e-books correctly marketed to. Once we have our company back up and running we need to make sure we are getting a profit for all our efforts. Lastly, we need to have a new company plan designed that includes marketing strategies, employee job descriptions, and back up plans. This design is not our main concern but I would like it to be done after our company is back into play. We need to fix our main problems first but this should be our long term goal.

Constraints that our company needs to over come our deadline the CEO gave us. We need to try to have everything figured out in one month. We can let this go and worry about just getting back on track. We need to still have goals for this month. We need to figure out how to market to e-books this will be easy by hiring within and finding someone that knows how to market.

The best case scenario is to market correctly, find a new web-designer that we like, and to increase our morale with nothing going wrong.

DQ2 How should performance metrics be selected? How can an organization ensure that individual and organizational performance goals are aligned? Describe how project progress and performance measurement is handled in your organization. Is it effective? How would you improve it?

I think that metrics should be selected based on how well it works for your company. There are standard measuring systems that everyone uses and these types of metrics can be used in order to have a correct measurement over different companies. If your company is just measuring for themselves they can use whatever they feel will work the best



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