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Does Violence Create Power or Control?

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Essay Preview: Does Violence Create Power or Control?

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Does Violence Create Power or Control?

Humans have a problem facing the definition of who they are. From the beginning when Cain slew Abel, we have had to ask ourselves, will we choose violence or peace (Bible, Genesis 4:16). Thus, this evil manifests as violence. Violence actions wrought by every human being cannot be taken away; it is one of the things in us that makes us human. Isaac Asimov, one of the founding fathers of science fiction, states that “violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” Violence is only used among the weak, and incapable people, but everyone in the world has once used violence in their life. Therefore, it lead to a big problem...

When we hear the words violence and control, we often think that they’re related. From, the article writer states that “power and violence are not the same thing. Power is psychological, violence enforces obedience through physical coercion. those who use violence may manage to temporary impose their will, but their command is always tenuous because once the violence ends, there is less incentive to obey the authorities.” Violence leads to control, but when violence ends, there would be no control. Power is a moral force that makes people want to obey, Power is expressed more in the mind than through physical force. Power is a long lasting effect, but control is not, it never was. For example, when empires and kingdoms were settled on this planet, there were leaders ruling each kingdom. As the kingdom went on, leaders passed away and eventually had new leaders on the throne again. No leader can rule forever.

Violence rarely creates power in different forms. The origin of violence was used to express the idea that the person had a symbolism of control. Violence is a natural thing in our biological system. There are many factors that can lead to violence, Kathryn Seifert Ph.D, CEO of Eastern Psychological Services (ESPS) says that “these factors include biological traits, family bonding, individual characteristics, intelligence and education, child development, peer relationships, cultural shaping and resiliency.” from the article “Psychology Today”. These factors do not occur all at once, but at least one or two of them occur in someone that is being violent. People use violence not because they were genetically born with it, but mostly because of influences around them. It’s a way to gain attention



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