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Does Smoking Relieve Stress?

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Essay Preview: Does Smoking Relieve Stress?

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Smoking Relieves Stress for Smokers

Vida Andrade


December 8, 2016

Cory Nicolas

Smoking Relieve Stress

Smoking relieve stress for smokers:

First question: Did you start smoking to relieve stress?

From the study that I have conducted I have found not much just starts because of stress. For this

question, only eight (8) out of the twenty-two (22) started because of stress. The eight who started

because of stress stated that it was something they felt like they had to do. As they were getting into

their adult years and having to work and attend college. They felt like smoking help take away the stress

and made them feel better. It also was the new friends they made while at college and work they

started to change their ways and feel more acceptable.

Second question: When did you start smoking and why?

Thirteen (13) out of the twenty-two (22) said they started underage like in their teen years between

fourteen and nineteen, and mostly because their parents smoked. Only a few like three (3) of them

started when they were like children between the ages of six and nine. The ones who started because of

their parents said they would think it was the right thing to do because they see the parents doing it and

they thought they had to do it to so they would follow the parents. The others who just started smoking

was because of peer pressure from friends and from media some people still remember the

commercials of society telling them that smoking was cool they reminisce and talked about the camel

commercial and the Marlboro commercials. The other nine (9) out of the twenty-two (22) was just for

adulthood and feeling the pressure of life which they felt like smoking helps calm things down and just

started because they wanted to.

Third question: How long have you smoked?

There was fifteen (15) smokers who said they have been smoking for more than a decade now or over

ten years. The other seven (7) said five years or less. I noticed the ones who said they have smoked the

longest it felt so natural for them and how they looked versus the ones who just started five years and



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