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Do Not like Green Eggs and Ham

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I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham

Learning Team A

University of Phoenix


As a learning team we have come together to form an activity that utilizes both the art and science of teaching.  In a class of first graders, our activity involves teaching the kids to read, working on expanding the children’s vocabulary as well as teaching the students be open to try new things, all with the help of the favorite classic, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham

In our lesson on learning to read, helping expand a child’s vocabulary as well as encouraging the class to try something new, we are using the ever-popular Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham.  In order to accomplish these goals set forth, we want to first engage the children with the book by reading to them and asking them questions pertaining to the book.  We assume that with most young children we will be inundated with finicky eaters who will want nothing to do with green eggs and ham and utilize that to help in teaching and supporting our lesson.

Our Approach

First the class will start by reading the book and the teacher will begin asking questions about green eggs and ham.  “Would you ever eat green eggs and ham?”  “What do you think they would taste like?”  Having the children help describe what the food would smell and taste like would assist in getting them interested in the book.  The teacher would then ask the kids to help describe what the words in the book mean.  By asking these questions the children will start to understand the vocabulary in the book and what it means.  Then the teacher will have each student come up and read to the class a line from the book.  Along with the use of vocabulary and reading the lesson will educate the children on rhyming and what it means to rhyme.  

After all the kids have had a chance to help read from the book a few words will be written on the blackboard that asks what words would rhyme with those that are on the board.  The words on the board will be some that were in the book so the student’s are able to reference them as well as some other words that may challenge them a bit.  After this first use of association of words, an additional activity will have the students return to their desk so the teacher could make green eggs and ham.  By using a small skillet, fresh eggs, ham and green food coloring each student will have the opportunity to come and help stir the eggs and drop the food coloring in the skillet.  The students would then be encouraged to try the food and see how yummy it is.  After all the students are done eating the activity will finish by asking them why it is important to try new things.  This activity and lesson will continue to be used throughout the year to help students step out of their comfort zone as well as in helping understand other activities that involve rhyming and vocabulary.  

Here is a recipe from the Seussville website for Green Eggs and Ham that we will use in the classroom:

Green Eggs and Ham à la Sam-I-Am 


1-2 tablespoons of butter or margarine
4 slices of ham
8 eggs
2 tablespoons of milk
1-2 drops of green food coloring
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper

What You'll Need 

Plastic knife, medium-size mixing bowl, wire whisk or eggbeater, Hot plate or electric griddle will work better if making it in a classroom, spatula, aluminum foil, serving plates

1. Teacher will, melt a teaspoon of butter on hot plate or griddle over medium heat. Add sliced ham and brown until edges are slightly crisp. Remove the ham from the pan, cover with aluminum foil, and set aside.

2. In a medium-size mixing bowl, combine the eggs, milk, salt, and pepper. Beat with a whisk until frothy. Then add 1-2 drops of green food coloring until you reach the desired shade of green.

3. Teacher will, heat a tablespoon of butter or margarine on hot plate or griddle over medium heat until the butter begins to sizzle. Then add the egg mixture to hot plate or griddle.



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