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|Martin| the |Martian|

Martin lived on a small planet on the far eastern coast of the Milky Way. Martin had a large head ant least 2' by 2' feet. And he stood 4' 8''. He is a light green sort of neon green and large eye's because he doesn't see as good as us. Martin is what you say your average Martian. Martin's planet is the same size as our moon but the same features of earth. They have the same animals but there is not humans.

Martin has two suns and one of his days is five of ours. Martin has to take his yearly trip which is five times our years so that is about one thousand eight hundred twenty five. He has to travel to Pluto to get supplies for the winter which is 1/3 of there year so they always dress warm which is still really far away from him. He and the rest of his Martian friends get excited because this happens rarely. He takes a space craft that can hold 8 of his family, Martin has a family of 6. Martin has a dog named Pluto he is a German Shepard and they painted him green so he fits in with the family.

Luckily this is his year he's going on his trip. The story starts on Pluto and that's where Martin has to gather propane gas to power his fire. Martin's family just landed and they need to make camp. But before they even step foot on the planet they have to put there space suits on. Because aliens gotta breathe to. His family have to watch out because they found life on Pluto and it is carnivorous. I forgot to say that Marvin's species is a very gentle and loving Martians you could say they wouldn't hurt a fly. So they set camp by a cave in a big 1 mile high dirt mound or hill.

They harvest this gas from geysers but instead of water it sprays propane. They hold airtight vacuum's by the geysers and suck up the gas. The geysers blow at least every two hours and they need to get 10 bags full of propane and there is only one geyser. This will take martin 20 hours because they have only one vacuum. So it will take Martin about to days to get this done because he isn' going to stay up for 20 hours. They finished there harvesting there propane so they head to there ship. They find out there engine blew out when they landed and Martin wasn't so happy about this. Martin says "where are we going to find metal and fuel in a place like this."

The good



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