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Direct Connect Manual

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How use Direct Connect behind a firewall/router in Active Mode instead of Passive

1. Determine your WAN IP address and your LAN IP address; this can be done either by using winipcfg.exe or ipconfig.exe in my case looking on the status page of my Linksys router configuration.

2. Now set up DC by going to settings connection and marking the block use Direct Connect in Active Mode, In the force DC to accept connections on this port: I have 412 (I'm not sure if this matters but it has worked for me) you may want to play around with it a bit but I believe it has to be a port between 375-425 because these are the ports Direct Connect has to have open to function in Active Mode.

3. Check the block force direct connect to report this IP and put in the WAN IP address obtained for your situation in Step 1. This completes the setup of DC.

This will vary slightly for Individual Situations I will explain it for a linksys cable/dsl router but the same should apply regardless of what your using for a firewall.

1. On the linksys router go to the advanced/forwarding tab in the service port range boxes on the left in the first one put 375 and in the second put 425 this will open this range of ports on your router and forward them from the WAN side of your Firewall to the LAN side (the same probably applies to whatever you are using for a Hardware/Software Firewall solution these ports need to pass from the internet side of your Firewall to the intranet side of your Firewall.

2. Now in the next block (at least on the linksys you need to select forward both I tried just udp and just tcp individually it didn't seem to work correctly until I selected forward both.

3. In the IP address box this is where you will want to fill in the place to forward the ports to at least on the linksys you can do this by individual IP address. Put the IP Address of the machine on your LAN that you are using Direct Connect on. If your are running DC on multiple machines you may have to repeat steps 1-3 for each IP on your LAN running DC. Click Apply restart DC and you should now be able to use DC and search multiple hubs behind your route/firewall without any problems.

I am sharing this because passive mode really sucks and limits your functionality for searching and all, I'm not 100% sure this is the only way



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