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Diet Anaylsis

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A.) Throughout my whole diet analyzed project I found out that almost every category was significantly above the standards. My calories where averaging about 150 percent each day, which is okay for a very active person like me that needs the calories. But the category's that lacked some what was my dietary fiber, it generally stayed around 75 percent. Also my Vitamin E was significantly lacking, and that average around 35 percent.

B.) On average, the percent of calories that came from fats, carbohydrates, and proteins where perfect! Each category was within the the daily average that was recommended. My average on intake on saturated fat was just barely over by 2-3 percent of the daily limit of 10 percent. Other than that my mono-saturated fat was was a little low, and my poly-saturated fat was was okay.

C.) The percent of calories supplied by alcohol was zero percent. I don't see a need to change my decision on not drinking any alcohol.

D.) Some specific dietary actions that I could take would be to take a multi-vitamin to bring up my low Vitamin E count. And also I could take some dietary fiber pills to bring up that category. I really feel all my vitamins and minerals are at a decent level and really need no improvement. If anything I could almost watch myself in some category's because they are so high.

E.) I believe that I live a very basic diet for a teenager. I stick to just the basic foods and the home cooked dinners. I try to stick with the foods that I know that are healthy for me. With my active lifestyle I try to eat a lot of breads just because they stick in your system. All in all I believe I healthy, eat right and fit for my age.



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