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Demonstrative Speech on Baseball

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Essay Preview: Demonstrative Speech on Baseball

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TOPIC THESIS: In my Demonstrative speech I will discuss the steps, techniques, and style involved in throwing a baseball.


FIRST MAIN POINT: Learning how to grip the ball when throwing it is the first step in learning how to throw a baseball. Most people agree that the grip of a baseball is very challenging but a must when trying to play baseball.

Supportive Discussion: It's shown that the earlier you learn how to grip the ball, the quicker you learn the mechanics of throwing different pitches as you become older. Keeping your fingers on all four seams of the ball this allows to you throw a straighter ball, but when putting your fingers along only two of the seams this makes the ball cut from left to right at a much faster rate. These are some of the instructions that you must know before attempting to pitch of throw a baseball.

SECOND MAIN POINT: There are many techniques on learning how to throw a baseball. The most important technique to throwing a baseball is balance.

Supportive Discussion: Balance is a key to throwing a baseball, because without balance you would not be able to throw it on a strait line to the designative spot where you're throwing to.

THIRD MAIN POINT: Having the style of your arm movement is extremely important when trying to fake out the other team on what your going to pitch next.

Supportive Discussion: Without the style of arm movement it is extremely difficult to learn how to fool the other team with just one arm rotation. Placing your arm at a different angle is not a bad thing when throwing a baseball, it takes practice when learning how to make your arm do what you want it to do.



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