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Death Penalty

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The death penalty is an ongoing controversy in the United States. There are people that are for it and those that oppose it. I am for it, but only for the horrendous crimes that are committed today in our society. In my personal opinion, I think priests that molest or "take advantage" of little boys deserve the death penalty. In today's society, this is one of the most controversial debates whether capital punishment should be outlawed.

Capital punishment has two basic arguments within the debate to make: First is the question of whether capital punishment is moral, or simply put is it justified. The second is the question of whether capital punishment is constitutional. According to the constitution, everyone has a right to freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

There are some disadvantages of capital punishment. Opponents have four basic arguments to make. The first is that there is a possibility of error, meaning that the person accused is not the real criminal. Although there is a slight chance of error, this is separate from the issue of the death penalty being justified. They would say that capital punishment should not be used when one is not one-hundred percent positive of the criminal's guilt. Second argument they make is the execution process. One may be given "the chair," lethal injection or gas. Third argument is a debate with the supporters that capital punishment may lower crime rates, but no studies show that it has any affect with capital punishment. Last argument an opponent would make is the time spent on death row.

There is a problem with the death penalty. It is high-priced because a prisoner can be sent to death row, but he or she can have an appeal, awaiting a retrial due to new evidence, all which can be a slow, costly and lengthy process.

A prisoner convicted of a horrendous crime can get parole, which is unjust to the victim and/or the victim's family. What makes the parole board think the prisoner has been "rehabilitated?" I believe that if you have committed the crime, you should not get paroled.

If the crime was murder, is fair for the victim's family to see this person out on the streets again and see if he "strikes again?" If murder was the crime, then murder is what the prisoner shall get.

In conclusion, the death



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