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Death Penalty

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Death Penalty

I think that the death penalty is morally wrong because we are taking lives that we have no right to take. God gave us life and as proof in genesis when Cain kills Abel God did not smite him down instead he marked him so that no one else would kill him. Just as in modern day society we have no right to take a person's life, but we do have the right to mark and make him repent if he so wishes. Other people bring about the more 'practical' issues of the death penalty. For example the issue of killing dangerous criminals for security issues, that by saying that they are protecting citizens from prison break-outs that they are justifying killing people. I say that if they thought this out economically and reasonably that they could use the money to come up with security. What I mean by this is that the cost of housing a criminal for life per year is substantially smaller than that of a person on death row, but people say that if housed for too long the criminals would out price the ones on death row. If we stopped having the death penalty we would able use the extra money to increase security and house more inmates. It's a cost effective solution. People say that's its more of a punishment to kill people for doing wrong. I can rebut this in two ways. First of all the person saying this would have no experience whatsoever so they can not make this assumption just off the bat. Secondly I believe, I do not know for a fact, but I believe that there are worse things than death and a real punishment would be to waste your life in a jail that getting a one way ticket out of serving the time. Most people that I have discussed this with concur.



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