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David Fire

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My Eyes

One cold stormy night in the city of Corpus Christi a guy by the name of David Fire received a sign from God telling him that there would be a natural disaster so great that man kind was in danger of becoming extinct. These signs would come to him in his sleep and would feel as though they were happening right there in front of him. They felt so life like. He could never tell if they were real or not. This guy David Fire was a loner. He lived on the street from time to time and with family and friends here and there. He always thought he had a special gift and that one day his name would be called upon for something great. He never thought the one to call him would be God and that the messages he was given would be to the world. He often experienced these signs when times were the hardest. The problem that he had was knowing if they were real or not. He really had no prior faith in anything and was usually drinking or on some kind of drug. He merely thought these were self induced delusional episodes of more drugged and drunken nights. I mean, once you lose your mind, how sure of yourself can you really be.

This guy David Fire always had a way with people and never seemed to get into trouble. He could present himself in a way that people felt comfortable around him and even in a better mood when he came around. No one could tell that this guy had a hard life or that from time to time he was sleeping under a bridge. People really felt that they could trust this guy even though they knew of his drug and alcohol problem. To him it was just a way to pass the time. How much time did he have to pass anyway? Could someone actually have a long full life just doing drugs everyday and not doing a damn thing? The stories that he would tell were so real and life-like that it seemed as if he was and old wise man telling folk tales and stories of the past. It was really interesting to come across this guy. I just happened to meet him at my house and in the weirdest way. He was actually just passing by when I caught a glimpse of him, and when I noticed him he waved and BOOM!!! A car had clipped him from the under side and sent him flying into my yard. It was the craziest thing ever. I couldn't believe it. I felt really freaked out cause when it happened I didn't do a thing. I just stood there thinking all kinds of stuff in my head. Is he dead? Where's the car



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