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Dancing with Wolves

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Essay Preview: Dancing with Wolves

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1. The film Dancing with Wolves takes place in South Dakota in 1863. John Dunbar is

the main character who hurts his leg in battle and is sent to the frontier on a new mission

as a Lieutenant. When Dunbar arrives in South Dakota he is there alone, no one else had

made their way their yet. Dunbar gradually starts to live with the Indians and become one

of them getting the name Dancing with Wolves. Another main character is Standing with

a Fist, who marries Dancing with Wolves. Standing with a Fist is an American who was

captured but the Indians when was very young. She was used as an interrupted, but

gradually fell in love with Dancing with Wolves. Another main character is Wind in his

Hair. Wind in his Hair makes Dancing with Wolves comfortable in their tribe. He is

Dancing with Wolves friend and the one who took care of Standing with a Fist. The

Sioux Indians were the Indians who were more friendly that did not have a spirit in them

always wanting war unlike the Pawnee Indians who were the Sioux enemies.

2. The beggars and thieves in the story of Dancing with Wolves were the white people.

Dancing with Wolves looked on the whites as this. The Indians used everything they

possibly could. For example the totanca (buffalo) was used in every way possible for it to

be used. They used all the buffalo's organs and hides of fur possible. Nothing was

wasting. In the movie when Dancing with Wolves sees the stampede of buffalo he goes

and tells the Sioux Indians of this. The day he and the Sioux go out together to hunt the

buffalo, but when nearing the area where the buffalo where the night before they see

buffalo laying all through the plains dead. The Indians look at this as sinful for they did

not waste anything.

3. "Medicine" in Dancing with Wolves is a symbol of good character the way the

character presents himself. The Sioux looked at John Dunbar feeling everything through

his "medicine" or his good gestures of sharing with the Indians.

4. The two main tribes are the Sioux and the Pawnee. The Pawnee tribe where more

aggressive then the Sioux tribe. When fighting in battle the Pawnee Indians stripped down




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