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Dan Brown

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WARNING: some of the characters in DECEPTION POINT are not as they seem. Actually, nothing is. The only certainty is that behind every corner is a stunning, pulse-pounding surprise. Dan Brown was born on June 22, 1964 and raised in Exeter, New Hampshire, USA, the oldest of three children. Dan Brown is the author of numerous bestselling novels, including Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. In Deception Point, Brown has done his research, folding in sophisticated scientific and military details with extraterrestrial proof. . This story consists of a young senator's daughter uncovering secrets about a new NASA discovery that will shake up politics in the current presidential election; as more information is gained, the more the young woman must fight for survival from undercover special ops teams. The characters, setting, and conflicts within this book will make you realize the immense deceptions and thrills anyone would long for.

Throughout this book characters play a huge role in the dramatic outcome of every chapter. There are numerous main characters and they are split into 4 groups: group 1- William Pickering, Michael Tolland, Corky, and Rachel Sexton group 2- Senator Sexton and Gabrielle group 3- Marjorie Tench and President Herney and group 4 - Deltas (the assassins). The first group includes the civilian scientists that work on analyzing and excavating a meteorite. The second group is the so called "antagonists" along with group 4; they are against the president and the meteorite. Last, group 3 are the president and his chief of staff. These many characters will shift between being antagonists and protagonists. You will not know the real underlying role of these characters until the last pages of the book. For this reason, many conflicts formed between these characters.

In Deception Point the many conflicts kept your heart pacing and pages turning. The main conflict in this book involves the civilian scientists and the band of assassins (the delta force). The minor conflict is between the Senator Sexton and President Herney. In the main conflict the band of assassins are hired to kill the scientists so they will not leak out an enormous secret that could destroy the President's run, hence closing down NASA. In the minor conflict, Senator Sexton is trying to ruin Herney's second run for president by polluting the media with past NASA failures and expenses. The mysterious and ominous setting of this



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